React Front End

In this section you will start the chatbot's front end.

Install Dependencies

The front end is located in the frontend sub-directory of the project, so go ahead and change to that:

cd frontend

Run the yarn command to install all the front end dependencies:


Run the Front End

Start the front end with this command:

yarn start

A few seconds later your browser should open the application.

Chatbot Front End

Play with the Application

You can now ask the chatbot any questions, either by clicking on one of the suggested ones, or by typing your own.

The responses from the chatbot are going to be sourced from the imported dataset, and each response will reference the documents that were retrieved and while specific ones were used.

Chatbot Response

Be sure to also try asking follow-up questions, which should "remember" what was previously discussed in the session.

Chatbot Follow Up

The remainder of this tutorial discusses some implementation details of this application, to allow you to make changes, experiment, and adapt the code to your needs.

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