Running the Chatbot RAG Example

In this section you will install, configure and run the Search Labs Chatbot example application.

Run Elasticsearch

Before you begin, you should set up an Elasticsearch instance that you can use with this project. The easiest and most convenient path is to create a Elastic Cloud account, which includes a free trial period. But you can also opt to run Elasticsearch locally if that works better for you. See the Install Elasticsearch section for installation instructions covering these two options.

Obtain the Source code

The next step is for you to download the source code for the chatbot application. The following sub-sections describe a few ways you can do this. You can find the method that works best for you.

Clone the Search Labs Repository

The Chatbot example is included in the Search Labs source code repository. You can clone this repository with the following command:

git clone
cd elasticsearch-labs/example-apps/chatbot-rag-app

The Chatbot example is located in the example-apps/chatbot-rag-app subdirectory.

Download a Tarball

On macOS or Linux, you can download a tarball of the Search Labs source code repository, and then extract this application from it. The command to do this is:

curl | \
tar -xz --strip=2 elasticsearch-labs-main/example-apps/chatbot-rag-app
cd chatbot-rag-app

Download a Zip File

If you are more comfortable working with zip files, you can download the Search Labs repository here.

Once you have the zip file, use your favorite unzip tool to extract the elasticsearch-labs-main/example-apps/chatbot-rag-app to a location on your disk.

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